Center for Creativity: The Workshop

Group Reservations


The Workshop is a dynamic space for classes, staff or organization meetings, and other events. We can reserve space for groups during regular operating hours, and select evenings.

During operating hours

* The core of the Workshop is open creative studio space. To maintain access for as many in the Pitt community as possible, we do not generally reserve space for groups from 1-5 pm.

* We are happy to reserve tables/space for groups of up to 20 people from Monday through Friday, 9 am-1 pm, and Saturday, 10 am-noon.

* Requests must be made at least a week in advance.

* We have a number of moveable whiteboard and clearboard partitions that may be used to create a semi-private area within the Workshop. If your meeting or class requires these, please let us know when making your reservation.

* Requests outside of these hours must be made at least two weeks in advance. If your group or class does not need special set-up and can spread out and work in different spaces, we are more likely to be able to accommodate your request. 

Evening programs

* The Workshop is available to book from 7-9 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays for groups affiliated with Pitt, and comprised of Pitt students, faculty, or staff.

* Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance.

* One person from your group must be designated as the primary contact and will be responsible for communicating with Workshop staff, organizing logistics on your group’s end, arriving early to the Workshop to set up, and organizing cleanup at the end of the group’s Workshop time.

* Entry and exit is through Schenley Quad doors only; Fifth Avenue doors are locked. Please have a group member available to be stationed at Quad doors to help direct group members downstairs to the Workshop space for drop-in events.

* Groups are responsible for tidying up after programs. Please stop activities no less than 20 minutes before the end of your reservation to allow sufficient clean-up time (30 minutes if food is involved).

 Resources provided for all groups: 

  • Whiteboard and chalkboard tables and walls, markers, and chalk
  • Musical instruments
  • Typewriters
  • Watercolor and acrylic paints, watercolor and standard colored pencils, markers, and crayons
  • Newsprint, drawing, typing, and mixed media paper
  • Modeling clay (non-drying) and thinking putty
  • Materials from our Recreate wall: these vary as we get new supplies in, but generally include paper materials for collage, jewelry-making supplies, Legos, knitting and crocheting supplies and yarn, bottle caps
  • Sewing machine, thread, and fabric samples
  • 3D pens and filament

Additional resources available (use must be specified in advance)

  • 80” touchscreen for presentations or for drawing (equipped with Paint and GIMP)
  • Up to 20 iPads (equipped with Paper) and iPencils
  • 3 iMacs, equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • 3D printer

Food and drink policy

  • Food and drink are permitted in most Workshop areas. Standard University policies regarding alcohol and catering apply. 
  • Food and drink are not permitted around the musical instruments, 3D printer/iMacs, and in the clay room. 


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